Enrolling a new Wippy customer

This is picking up where we left off on the video “How to check a spending limit for a customer who is new to Wippy”.

We entered the customer’s vehicle details, and instantly saw their spending limit. Now we want to get this information over to the customer so they can set up their profile. From the “Congrats” page, hit Continue.

Now you can enter in the estimated amount of the repair so that we can properly quote the customer their monthly payment. If you are not sure of the estimated amount leave it at the defaulted $500.00.

Next it’s going to ask you to choose the customer’s plan. You may not know this information, in which case you should select any of the plans available. Once you hit “select this plan” you will be asked to enter in the customer’s email address and then reenter the email address. Then you are going to hit “continue”.

A message will come up saying “Verify Your Email”. The customer will receive an email to verify and set up their profile. There is nothing more for you to do at this point.

When you enter in the customer’s email address, if you are taken to the ‘customer sign in’ screen instead of seeing “Verify Your Email”, this means the customer already used their email for a Wippy account. They need to login and add new plans to their current profile.