How to know when it’s time to start the repair on a customer’s vehicle

The first notification you are going to receive is an email that has the subject line “Start the Repair!”. The status of a payment plan ready to start the service is “Action Required: Waiting on photos from You”.

Once you receive this email, you can login to your dashboard and click on the “Home” tab. Any vehicles that are waiting for your action are located on this Home tab. If you see a vehicle that has the message “Time to take some pictures” that means it’s ready to start the repair.

You can click on a customer’s payment plan from the home tab in order to enter it. Once you’ve opened the customer’s payment plan, make sure that mileage in Wippy matches the mileage on the customer’s vehicle currently. If there is a discrepancy of more than 5,000 kms, upload the photo of the odometer before starting the repair so that we may recalculate the spending limit based on the new mileage.

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