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Wippy makes financing for your car repairs and upgrades quick, easy, and completely worry free.
Hop in, and let’s get going.

  • Pay for automotive upgrades and repairs, fast.
  • Pay over time through our 0% interest payment plans.
  • No credit checks - your credit score will not be affected.

Three Easy Steps to Pay with Wippy Pay

  1. Check Your Spending Limit
  2. Create Your Profile & Add Your Vehicle
  3. Pay For Any Vehicle Expenses Using Wippy Pay You can easily add more vehicles any time!
Once you have a profile you can add and remove different vehicles as you choose. When using Wippy Pay, treating your car right has never been easier.

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Benefits of Using Wippy Pay


Tell us what car you drive to find out your authorized spending limit. No credit applications or credit searches needed.

Get Started

Choose a program that’s right for you from 0% interest to custom plans with terms from 3 - 48 months.

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We’ve Got You Covered

Wippy Pay has the largest retail network and is accepted by over 1,000 retail partners.

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Easy & Convenient

Once your profile is set up, and you add a car to the profile, you can pay for an invoice with just the click of a button.

Pay with Wippy Pay

Want to add a second car to your profile? No problem, all we need is one photo.
Want us to pay for another invoice? Easy: just a couple of clicks away.

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Offer Wippy Pay at your location for a range of competitive benefits.

  • Risk Free
  • Record Speed
  • Pre-qualified Customers
  • Free marketing and technology tools
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