Payment plans for tires and other auto repairs and upgrades.

Take longer and save more when you pay for auto service with Wippy Pay versus your credit card.

See how much you could spend

Pay for automotive upgrades and repairs, fast.
Pay over time through our 0% interest payment plans.
No credit checks – your credit score will not be affected.

How Wippy Pay works

Tell us what you drive, instantly get your spending limit.

No credit checks are ever required.

Set up your profile

You will only need your driver’s license, ownership, and banking details for this part.

Choose your plan

Put in your estimated repair and choose the plan that best suits your lifestyle.

Once your vehicle service or upgrade is complete, the Retailer will submit your invoice and they will receive payment directly from us.

Our Payment Plans (minimum $500 purchase)


14.95% interest
First payment starts in 14 to 44 days
Choose from 12-48 months
$0 due today

Standard Plus*

19.95% interest
First payment starts in 45 to 100 days
Choose from 12-48 months
$9.95 due today

Take 90 Days

0% interest
The full balance is due within 90 days
$0 fees
$0 due today

*Standard and Standard Plus plans include a lien registration fee of $59-$129 (depending on the term) plus a $129 admin fee.
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What can I use Wippy for?

Wippy can be used to pay for any maintenance or repairs which are required to keep your vehicle in good working order.

    Use Wippy Pay for:

  • Rims & Tires
  • Suspensions: Repairs, Lifting, and Lowering
  • Body work
  • Remote Car Starter
  • and More…

A minimum purchase of $500.00 per transaction is required. All parts must be installed on the vehicle by the Retailer at the time of purchase. This list is subject to change at any time without notice.

Why pay now, when you can pay later and save?

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Some conditions apply. Visit Loan repayment agreement(s) are entered into directly with the retailer. The retailer may structure repayment plan(s) based on guidelines predetermined by Wippy and then sell the receivables to Wippy for administration inclusive of assignment of all retailer’s rights. For Wippy to purchase a receivable from the retailer, all upgrades and repairs must be completed at or through the retailer’s location registered with Wippy.